Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus Child Harness

Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus Child Harness

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The Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta PLUS Harness provides upper torso support and safety. Without torso support your child is at risk of being flung forward in a crash, which could cause serious head and/or spinal injuries.

Designed for children from approx. 4 years of age until their child’s shoulders reach the upper height marker of the Seat. Maximum approx.age will be dependent on the type or model of Seat – eg. Booster Seat up to 10 years, Booster Seat up to 8 years or Convertible Booster Seat

Frontal harness adjuster: allows parents to thread the harness through the slots of an Expandable Booster Seat/Convertible Booster Seat.
Versa tether compatible: allows the connection of the Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta PLUS harness using the single vehicle anchorage fitting
Reduces misuse: prevents a child from misusing the sash on the seat belt
Torso support: restrains a child’s upper body and provides added protection in the event of a crash
Reduces injury risk: associated with lap-only seat belts.
Child harness: must be used if the booster seat is used with a lap-only seat belt

Suitable for use: with Booster Seats or Convertible Booster Seats which nominate that they are suitable for use with this Series 220/2013 Child Harness.
For use with compatible Booster Seats and Convertible Booster Seats.