What to pack in your Hospital Bag.....



Packing is one of my most dislikeable tasks. I always seem to pack not enough of somethings and too much of others. 

We have prepared a quite simple list of things that could come in handy on this special day or night.

  1. Slippers and Socks 
  2. Loose Clothing including a button-down shirt
  3. Toiletries (ect)
  4. Lip balm and moisturizer 
  5. Birth plan and paperwork for the hospital
  6. Maxi pads
  7. Nipple cream
  8. Nursing pads
  9. A set of thongs for the shower
  10. Water Bottle
  11. Playing cards or games 
  12. Baby Book (for baby details)
  13. Pen and paper 
  14. Old Undies and Nursing Bras
  15. Towel


  1. Going home outfit 
  2. Capsule or car seat fitted in the car. 
  3. Sleep suits socks and a hat 
  4. Soft Blankets
  5. Nappies 
  6. Wipes 
  7. Brush 
  8. Towel
  9. Mittens 
  10. Swaddles 
  11. Paediatrician contact phone number 
  12. Face washers 
  13. Bottes (Parents choice) 
  14. Baby bottom balm
  15. Dummies (Parents choice) 

* please note there are many other things that people may also like to bring this is only a simple list