Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

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The Mamaway Postnatal Recovery and Support Belly Band is a TGA Approved compression garment, which is recommended by physiotherapists.


  • Assists with Diastasis Recti and corrects your posture to improve PFD's when combined with physio therapy and exercise.
  • Supports your uterus, abdomen, pelvis, back and spine postpartum by applying compression to your core.
  • Holds the expanded uterus wall, loose skin and muscles back in place postpartum.
  • Assists in recovery from abdominal separation, getting strength back in your core and stabilising your abdomen and wound after C-section.
  • Acts as a back support while breastfeeding or carrying your baby
  • Breathable bamboo charcoal fibres form a rigid yet flexible material that bends and twists with your body without bunching or creasing.
  • Antibacterial and naturally emits far-infrared rays to improve circulation.
  • Fully adjustable velcro allows you to control the tightness as the velcro sticks anywhere on the band.
  • Can be used straight after birth to help with uterus & pelvic floor recovery, stabilising the abdomen and improving posture while you recover.
  • Suitable for both natural and c-section Mums
  • Safe to wear under clothing.
  • Wide enough to be a corset, soft enough to be a wrap and strong enough to support your back.
  • Easy to use 3 step fastening system feels secure and comfortably tight.
  • Two compression sub belts to reinforce key recovery areas, giving you an immediate waist line and smooth silhouette under clothing.
  • High quality, durable construction that maintains its shape, wash after wash. (Hand wash only)
  • When purchasing this product you may be eligible for Private Health Fund Rebate.
    Please check with your individual Health Fund for eligibility and specific requirements.

Which size do I need?

Mamaway belly band starts from size M.
Being 24.5cm wide and ultra-stretchy design, it can cover most body types and sizes. Use your current clothing size as a guide, if you are close to due date or postnatal; choose one size bigger than your pre-pregnancy body size in the first and second trimesters for pregnancy gain.

  • S/M - Length 97cm/AUS 6-12 
  • L/XL - Length 107cm/AUS 14-20 


57% Nylon, 28% Polyester (Contains Bamboo Charcoal), 15% Rubber