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Raising happy, healthy babies is the most common goal of parenthood. And while there are many tips, tricks, and old wives’ tales, one of the simplest, most effective ways to help babies grow and flourish is through babywearing. Here are 8 reasons why parents and caregivers should strongly consider this time-honored technique:

It’s a “Womb” with a View

Babywearing helps newborns transition from the Third to Fourth Trimesters, allowing them to gradually adjust into the outside world through familiar senses like their mother’s walk, heartbeat, or breathing patterns. These are calming, and remind baby of the motions they enjoyed in the womb.

Cuts Down on Crying

It has been proven that carrying babies reduces crying. The gentle movement and closeness to a parent or caregiver is naturally soothing, and settles baby into a quiet calm. Babies worn in carriers also tend to sleep longer, giving their little brains time to process and grow.

The Better to Bond With

Babywearing encourages closeness, and gives countless opportunities to kiss, smell, and touch babies throughout the day. The physical connection gives mothers, fathers, and other caregivers a bonding experience that promotes confidence, security, and love.

It’s Good Exercise

Wearing baby is an easy way to exercise! As you move about your house or on outings near or far, it’s a perfect, enjoyable way to get in some physical activity- especially as baby grows and becomes increasingly heavier.

Hands-Free Freedom

Babywearing offers parents and caregivers the ability to keep babies close while going about their day-to-day tasks. Whether it’s a trip to the market, chasing after an older sibling, or enjoying a sit-down meal, wearing baby offers hands-free versatility to stay productive in the everyday.

A Bonus for Breastfeeding

Wearing baby increases the levels of two key hormones for lactation- oxytocin and prolactin. These are very important for establishing and maintaining milk supply. Mothers who wear their babies also generally breastfeed more often, which promotes growth and development.

Keeps Baby Healthier

Studies have shown that babywearing is linked to a lowered incidence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), behavioral disorders, and postpartum depression in mothers. It also decreases the risk of Flat Head Syndrome by reducing the potential time an infant spends flat on their backs in a crib or stroller.

Promotes Learning and Social Development

Babywearing allows babies to spend more time in a state of quiet alert- their optimal time for learning. The closeness helps them feel secure as they explore and interact with their caregiver and environment, and they become aware of nuances like facial expressions, body language, and voice inflections. Babies who are carried can also learn languages earlier, benefitting from being positioned at voice and eye level, which helps them learn how to listen and converse.