Spewy city hustle grey

Spewy city hustle grey

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The Spewy is super absorbent with layers of microfibre and terry towelling to soak everything up. With a waterproof backing, your child will stay dry and the cotton prints will ensure that your child is happy to use the Spewy. 

When your child is sick, it's hard work for not only them but you to nurse them back to health. With the help of the Spewy you can be rest assured that if they do vomit that it will catch everything and not leak everywhere. It can be placed under your child's head if they are laying down or draped over them if they are sitting up, so that it's always close by if needed. Once used, just place in the wash. 

Have a couple in your car for emergencies. When travelling, place your used Spewy in the wet bag and wash when you get to your destination. 

Spewy measures 60cm x 50cm